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Today's Interview: INTERVIEW NEWS

Today the following interviews were published: Habedasher, Vnichols, Blinkme-182, Jamiestar, Whymeohgod and Drastane.

These will be the last interviews published for the time being. If you have not been interviewed so far, I am sorry we did not get to you in time. If you would like to be interviewed - worry not. This is a temporary hiatus for Interview.

The reason for our break is a planned move to our own domain. I cannot, at this stage, accurately predict when the move will take place, but we will be announcing the move right here at (after which this URL will be set to re-direct to the new address). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the existing interviews in our archive and show support to the many other sites inspired by 'Interview' out there.

Thank you for your support and readership. Without you, this site would be nothing.

So it's bye for now...

Warm Regards,

Gingerbug, Owner

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Bye until our move!

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