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Today's Interview: About Interview

So many diaries, so many interesting stories. How do you find all the intriguing ones out of thousands?

What about all those review sites? Yes, good source of cool diaries. This is not a review site.

Here at Interview, we will be subjective in our selection - however - this is a unique opportunity for you, the diarists, to have a say, to show off.

Some stats you might like to know

Interview was started on the 1st of October 2001. At the time of updating this "about" page (9th of March 2003), we've had over 45.000 unique visitors who have viewed our pages over 200.000 times. On average, the number of diarists waiting to be screened for suitability is 160. However, we have recently managed to bring the queue down to below 50 for the first time since opening. The site is usually updated two to three times a month, but sometimes updates are less frequent due to the demands of real life on staff. Since the birth of Interview, many similar sites have cropped up. Our favourite of those is cross-examine because they have added a unique twist to the concept.

Some interviews seem more popular than others, but this is no popularity contest. Anyone, regardless of who they are, can get interviewed. All it takes is a diarist with something interesting to say. Our interviewers spend a long time getting to know the diarist by reading a minimum of 20 entries, but often much more. We work towards quality, not quantity. However, once the questions have been asked, it's up to the diarist to shine. Or not.

So how does it work?

Once you have read our rules and applied for an interview, an e-mail will be sent to you. It will contain your interview questions (or a kind explanation of why we don't think your diary is ready for an interview). The sooner you reply, the sooner it will appear here. We do spend a fair amount of time actually reading each diary, but in cases of entries in abundance, we may request a selection of links to special entries from you - this is an additional way of making our articles more characteristic of each diarist. We wouldn't want to miss anything important. Please note that due to the popularity of the site, you may have to wait up to 6 months for your interview. Don't worry - just read the other articles or chat to other diarists at our FORUM in the meantime...

Old interviews can be read via our archive.

Who are behind Interview?

Brandi or Stats01
Age: 19
Hobbies/interests: tennis, swimming, watching football, playing the guitar, hanging out with friends, oil painting, travel, writing.
Favourite band/musician: Dashboard Confessional, Mandy Moore.
Favourite author: Candace Bushnell, Helen Fielding.
Favourite film: "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Empire Records."
I'm part of Interview because...I love the people and diaries I get to read!

Deepblueday, or Blue
Age: 18
Hobbies/interests: things that interest me are simply things that i find beautiful. so consequently, my hobbies circle around creativity. i love writing, and i've just published my first zine. i also love music...listening to it and performing, but i prefer performing... its just such an adrenaline rush :o) of course other things tend to take up my spare time... swimming is a major one, i find it good to go and just swim up and down, it's almost hypnotising! the other major time consumer in my life and hence it qualifies as a hobby is genzi... he's just so much effort sometimes :oP
Favourite band/musician: incubus for present day music, their lyrics are great. debussy for a composer and me as a musician. god i'm arrogant.
Favourite author: strangely enough, i've been getting really annoyed with books at the moment, i've not read a really gripping one for ages!! so i don't actually have a favourite author right now.
Favourite film: i've not seen enough to be able to tell you which one is my favourite. sorry.
I'm part of Interview because... i found out that people reviewed diaries, and i thought that it was too easy a job... asking questions that mean things to the diarist is a lot more challenging. plus i too want to know about the diarists once i've started reading.

Age: 30
Hobbies/interests: Writing (in diary, for eZines, for amateur print publications and otherwise), Art (both traditional media and digital), keeping up with the Diary Community by reading lots of diaries and blogs, running a bazillion online projects, designing web sites and diary layouts, philosophy, humanism, spending far too much money on cosmetics, drinking far too many Frappuchinos, going to sci-fi conventions (so I've only been to one so far, but from now on I'll go to one at least once a year!), city travel (don't like beach holidays), trips to museums and learning as much as possible about anything that might grab my interest.
Favourite band/musician: I am open to almost any kind of music with the exception to Country&Western. It's hard for me to pick just one band as a fave, so I'll list three that I adore - Stabbing Westward, Ozric Tentacles and Lamb.
Favourite author: Can't pick just one, so - J.R.R. Tolkien, China Mieville and Michael Marshall Smith.
Favourite film: The Dark Crystal (yes, the Jim Henson puppet movie...)
I am part of Interview because...I started the darn thing! Well, the idea came after I'd read several diary reviews and began to think about what would happen if instead of 'grading' someone's diary, an outside person would take a peek, ask some questions and thus reveal more about the diarist, whilst allowing the diarist to use their voice in the process. This has been a great project to work on, although we have had hiccups along the way with interviewer's lives taking priority over updates etc. I'm glad to see that support for us in the Diary community is strong and that people have recognised this format as a good way to find new diaries to read - some similar sites have popped up all over the place. I've really enjoyed the interviewing part of this project, but with increased popularity and increased requests from diarists to be interviewed, I've had to cut down the amount of actual interviews I do, and instead just concentrate on the management. I've been lucky enough to have a boyfriend who works as a software developer, so on my request, he developed some Windows software for us to manage our databases with. So, whilst I really liked the interviewing itself, now I'm mainly ploughing through the applications and managing staff.

Age: 19
Hobbies/interests: web design, tennis, swimming, eating out, reading and writing fiction, reading diaries, walking, spending time with my fiance.
Favourite band/musician: Heather Nova, closely followed by Dido.
Favourite author: Helen Fielding (author of the Bridget Jones' Diary).
Favourite film: I couldn't give just one, my favourites that I watch over and over again would have to be: Pretty Woman, The Truman Show, Sliding Doors, and Monty Python's The Holy Grail.
I'm part of Interview because... I love finding new diaries, so this is a good way to do it! Also, I love a challenge.

Age: 21
Hobbies/interests: music, theater, reading, writing, dancing, watching movies, girltalk with my roommates, design, crafts, cooking... the list goes on and on
Favourite band/musician: I could never list just one. I like just about anything, from classical to country to rock to rap and everything in between.
Favourite author: As an English major, I've got more than a few of these, and they are quite diverse: Patricia Cornwell, James Joyce, John Keats, Milton, Jennifer Weiner, J.K. Rowling..
Favourite film: The Thomas Crown Affair
I'm part of Interview because... I've been journaling since October of 1999, and I've met some amazing people through their journals and through the journalling community itself. Interview is just a new and different way for me to find new people and new journals and to help others do the same all at once.

Trin or Trinity63
Age: How rude! Okay okay - 39:) And this is my last birthday dammit.
Hobbies/interests: Gourmet Cooking, Walking, Travel, Cemetery Hunting, Writing, and Swimming.
Favourite band/musician: You are dating me now -- The Steve Miller Band
Favourite author: Phil McGraw
Favourite film: The Princess Bride
I am part of Interview because... Why am I part of Interview. Because Gingerbug approached me with this really fun idea of interviewing other people, and learning about their lives. I am a writer, and felt it would be a very fun, interesting, and educational thing for me to do. And she's right! I have had a blast with this!

Witchgirl - ex-staff

Devnullicus - ex-staff

Notum - ex-staff

Jenn - ex-staff

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