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Today's Interview: haberdasher -

Please give a short bio of yourself for our readers.

a short bio? i think the one contained in haberdasher is brief enough. it's like 300 entries or so long, right? easy reading. piece of cake. i mean, what is there to say? i invite anyone who wants to know anything to email questions to me and i will happily and long-windedly respond. be specific. i'm not as self-important as some people who are more than happy to give you their life story at the drop of a hat. i like the air of mystery that i currently enjoy. it's like the curtain veiling the wizard of oz.

Why did you choose this username?

haberdasher. there really is no special significance attached to the word haberdasher for me, and i don't know any haberdashers, and i really don't have a fixation on hats or male accoutrements, so i have no idea why i chose this name. i think it was because 'stud' was already taken.

Why do you keep a diary online?

aside from the fact that i am a wildly self-important person who thoroughly believes that everyone should run their lives based on my dictates.... no. that entry might clear it up a little.

How important do you think a layout is for a web-based diary? Would you also comment on yours?

layout? i would say the simpler the better. i can't even go and try to read those ones where the cursor is this wacky thing with the tail of a kite following it around and there's some MIDI version of some popular song i've never heard automatically playing in the background. that kind of thing is disconcerting. some of my favorite diaries are original templates with writing that will knock you on your ass every time you read it. a style-based diary is far less entertaining than a content-based diary. i'm not looking for pretty pictures, i'm looking for humanity. the only problem i have with my layout is that if i put up a picture that is bigger than the little box that i put the text in, it ends up being hard to see the whole thing, so i usually resize them so that they aren't so annoying. why do you ask, do you think my layout is a late-term abortion?

Many of your entries are written with very poetic language, yet they read as train of thought. Do you write as the words come spilling out, or do you sit and think a while before writing, go back and edit? What do you think of both forms of writing?

i write both ways. somtimes i have this one sentence that has been haunting me all day and i write it down and it leads to a whole sea of thoughts and i end up putting them all down and am able to go back and rearrange them to make them more coherent. a lot of the entries were written on bedside notes that i don't even remember writing. i have this fake candle that goes in the window at christmastime and i keep it beside my bed and write by it in bed. it makes it easier that way or something. other times i sit here at the computer and just type whatever comes to mind. the earlier entries are all done that way, and to me those are the better things i've written, so maybe all the electric candle posturing is all for naught and i should stick to the off-the-cuff stuff.

Finding the man trying to hang himself had to be an incredible experience. What effect did this day have on you? How is it seen in your writing?

when i found that guy it was totally surreal. i grew up in a medical family, so i know all of the first aid stuff and when i was little i had seen things in the emergency room that were way more traunatizing than that i think, so i almost went into a weird autopilot and thought of what i had to do to help this poor guy out. it was actually a life-affirming experience, but that entry is the only time i've written about it and i'm fairly sure my writing as a whole was largely unaffected by it.

The entry talking about visiting the graves of such wonderful Americans made me smile. You mention that this represents the downfall of society. Could you elaborate on this? Also, what do you think it says that people so long dead can still inspire such emotion in a person that they purposely spit on a grave?

now, there is speculation as to whether or not the spit was intentional, but in my opinion it was. because if you haven't been to emerson's grave you don't know what it takes to get close to it. there is a waist-high chain around the whole thing that you have to climb over and walk about ten feet until you get close enough to read the epitaph on the little plaque embedded in his gravestone. i wanted to see what it said on the thing, so i went over and started to read it. that was when i noticed that there was a sizeable puddle of unmistakably human saliva on the grave. i thought it was sort of bizarre that someone would care enough to do that, but i think it might have been a disgruntled high school student who was forced to read some of emerson's writings. he has a reputation of being a dry read, but different strokes for different folks.

As you probably know, at Diaryland, we like to end with one fun question. If you could be a plant, any type of plant at all, what kind would you be and why?

i think i would like to be a drosera, specifically a drosera palacea trichocaulis, because they are amazing plants. its always fascinating when the tables of nature are turned and the plant becomes the predator. it's like rooting for the underdog. this is what a drosera palacea trichocaulis looks like.

Interviewed by Piper

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