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Today's Interview: vnichols -

Please give a short bio of yourself for our readers.

I'm 23, and I've been in Texas that vast majority of that time. I work in tech support. I'm in a long term realtionship. I really like Italian desserts.

Why did you choose this username?

It's my first initial and my last name. Pretty simple.

Why do you keep a diary online?

Obviously, it's for the money and the chicks! 'Cause, you know, this is such a lucrative business. I've been at is 3 years. At this point it's habitual. I started because I always wanted to be a writer, and the idea of possibly having an audience for that writing proved too appealing to resist. By now, the whole thing has sort of taken a life of it's own.

How important do you think a layout is for a web-based diary? Would you also comment on yours?

I really don't think it's in the least bit important. However, I'm fascinated by the ways people try to promote thier journals, and I guess in a way, a good layout is really just promotional. I've read fantastic journals that were made up of text files. My current layout is an utter act of vanity. I got tired of looking at all those templates featuring gigantic pictures of Teen Pop stars. In fact, I don't approved of personal diaries with other people's pictures on them at all. So, I made up a layout with my own picture in it.

The idea behind your diary is great. Tell us about it. Which is your favorite letter?

I read somewhere once, that pen-pals should return letters to the sender, otherwise you end up owning the story of someone else's life. I figured I'd cut out the middle man. There are a lot of letters there, and it'd be tough to pick a favorite, though I'm always amused by Dear Neighbor mainly becuase that guy still lives next door.

You have shared songs with others, but which song is just you (your theme song)?

Though it's probably indicative of an undiagnosed and desperate need for Prozac, the answer that came immediately to mind is Nirvana's "Verse Chorus Verse."

You have many strong opinions. What else do you feel strongly about?

See, I hear that a lot--that my opinions are "strong." However, if I were really that vehement about things, I could probably find something more productive to do about the things I see around me than to simply bitch about them online.

If you were writing a letter to a Diaryland diarist, who would you choose? Can you give us a little of what you would say?

Actually, unless I'm doing it specifically as link love, I try not to write to other journalists, though on occasion someone will say something that compells me to wonder outloud "just what the hell they were thinking." If I had to pick, right now, though, I think a gushy thank-you note to Andrew would be appropriate.

Interviewed by Brandi

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