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Today's Interview: whymeohgod -

Please give a short bio of yourself for our readers.

I'm a 19 year old boy and I live in Texas. I'm a junior at the largest Baptist university in the world and I'm an atheist. I didn't realize until now that my life seems like the premise for a sitcom.

Why did you choose this username?

I chose this username because 'MynameisLarryandIprobablydonotlikeyou' seemed too long. Funny story: I watched "The Count of Monte Cristo (sp?)" last year. In the prison scene when the guardsman is beating him, the main character screamed "Why me, Oh God?" and I said, "heh." The end.

Why do you keep a diary online?

I decided to keep an online diary because my anxiety associated with the monotony of life was reaching pathological levels.

How important do you think a layout is for a web-based diary? Would you also comment on yours?

less stuff=better. I had a bland D-land template until I gave Erin ( my password and she changed it into a Pine-Sol commercial.

Do you have a philosophy of life?

Yes. Be happy.

What generated your cynical attitude?

The time-tested, mother-approved, FDA certified methods of observation, reading, and introspection were key factors in generating my cynical attitude.

You find similarities between many things, for example, schools and production lines and humans and cancer. It's complicated but quite interesting. Could you tell the readers of interview why you think a lot about things like that, and why it is so interesting to you?

I have an analogy fetish. Sometimes, late at night when I'm under the covers and nobody's watching, I'll sit with an SAT or GRE study guide and work the verbal section.

In seriousness, it all started when I was listening to the song "CUBErt" by system of a down. One of the lines to the song is: "Humans everywhere, canned, cliched people cannot dare; Pop corn everywhere, canned, cliched people cannot dare. Dare. Dare." It made me think of an assembly line with cans of corn; This reminded me of graduation ceremonies. I have a very idiosyncratic habit in the realm of interpreting lyrics from songs. I'm almost certain I find meanings in lyrics that were intended to be vague, meaningless or incoherent.

Why did you want a picture of your hand covered in ants for your diary?

Why not? About six months ago, Erin and I challenged each other to a photography competition. One of the categories was "something interesting that I like to do," and that's one interesting thing that I do.

Interviewed by Nicola

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