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Today's Interview: jamiestar -

Please give a short bio of yourself for our readers.

I'm a 26-year-old radio news director and talk show host living in the upper Florida Keys. Yes, it's nice. Yes, it's warm. Yes, you can come visit.

I live with my buddy Shawn and my cat, Miss Budina. They are having a running competition to see who's insane. It's a loud contest, but still fun to watch. Before the Keys, I lived in Ohio and Pittsburgh.

Things happen to me. There's no other way to put it. Weird things. Horrible accidents. Bizarre incidents. And I warn you - it's contagious. One of best friends and college roommates swears up and down that strange things never happened to her until she met me. You've been warned.

Why did you choose this username?

"Jamie" was taken. (And wasted, I might add.) Star is a longtime nickname that keeps being given to me, even when I relocate to where no one knows who I am. People buy me star stuff so much, I've stopped buying it for myself. I have a tattoo of a star on my ass.

So just like the fuzzy 2-headed muppets on Sesame Street, I combined.


Damn straight.

Why do you keep a diary online?

I honestly don't remember why I started it - I believe I had started reading a few journals, and just decided the whole concept was very cool. In the meantime, my writing has improved, and I've met people from Canada to Australia to Hawaii. Some of my best friends are online. And now, my dad and sisters read it to keep up with my life, so I can't stop. I'm stuck. But I don't mind a bit.

How important do you think a layout is for a web-based diary? Would you also comment on yours?

I'm a big fat hypocrite. I think a layout is very important, and won't spend much time on a diary that has an ugly or confusing one. Yet, I'm a total failure at web design. I don't know what it is - I dress really well, but when it comes to combining colors in an appealing fashion on a computer screen, I'm like Sharon Stone at an awards ceremony - clueless and confused.

Fortunately, my cyberfriends help. My current design was set up by everyone's favorite charming know-it-all, Kelly of The photographs in the corner (refresh to see all) were taken by my pal Eric, one of my first and best friends down here. He's wonderful, and even though he's old enough to be my dad, he has a very big-brother vibe going with me that I appreciate. My back is got.

While reading your diary, there were several entries that made me laugh, for example the Christmas Radio Show Disaster entry. In others, for example this one, your words made tears roll down my face. You manage to pack a lot of emotion and feeling into your writing. Did your career in any way help you gain these writing skills?

To be blunt, my career almost ruined my writing skills. In fact, that's why I started JamieStar - broadcast journalism has a very precise, brief writing style that doesn't allow much room for creative development as a writer. My job wasn't giving me the vehicle I craved to pack (and yes, sometimes vent) that emotion into whatever I was writing, and I saw that opportunity in an online journal.

It's interesting that you should choose to cite those two entries, because both of them were written really quickly, but for entirely different reasons. The radio show one wrote itself. That situation was funny as hell without any help from me.

I thought the other one would be very difficult to write, which is why I put off telling my readers the details of my mom's condition for so long. People who run away from problems aren't usually the ones who tend to bring them up for discussion, you know? It seemed like after sharing my life online for two years, I'd gained a trust for my readers. So I sat down, took a deep breath, and started writing, just to see how it would feel. And when it didn't hurt too badly, I kept going. When I'd finished, I read it over, felt okay about it, and posted. I was amazed how simple it was to let that loose.

When writing this entry you make it seem like it was a funny event. In reality, at the time, being unable to afford groceries must have been quite a scary thing. Are you able to see the funny side to these kinds of situation at the time of them happening, or do you tend to panic, and only see the funny side once it's been a while?

Oh, I don't have a choice. I totally, instantly see the humor, many times before it's appropriate to do so. It's how I cope. In fact, it's how my entire family has always coped.

Jeez, we called my mom "Cueball" and used to rub her head for luck. If you can't take some ribbing (or possibly rubbing?), you'd best get out of my dad's house, because you won't last long.

When you first started out as a radio personality/journalist, did you find it hard to approach famous people such as George Bush Sr? Do you see yourself working in Radio for years to come?

The thing that always surprises people is that I'm pretty shy. For real.


There's a caveat.

One of the unexpected benefits of my job is that I'm put in situations where if the shyness takes over, I don't get the good story. (Story for radio AND for the web page, of course.) So I swallow hard and go for it, even though I'm freaked. Eventually, I felt less freaked about approaching people... in a professional setting. (Still a chump about social settings - thank goodness Shawn is incorrigible. I just mooch off of her social butterfly mojo.)

Now, I'm like, "How many more chances am I going to get to meet George Bush? None! Must do!" and I wasn't scared at all.

The presidential butt goose was just gravy.

OK, here's the not-so-serious question that we at Interview love to ask! If you could interview one famous person, who would it be and why?

Bill Clinton. Because I'm an equal-opportunity victim of White House molestation, and wouldn't want the Republicans to have all the fun. Besides, I hear Bill has experience, uh-huh. Oh, and just kidding. Really...

J.D. Salinger. I've always loved his books, and I want to know what the hell he's been up to the past few decades, and what sorry excuse he has for NOT cranking out more and more books for me to love. Because it's all about me. You hear that, J.D.?! ME!

Interviewed by Nicola

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