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Today's Interview: blinkme-182 -

Please give a short bio of yourself for our readers.

Well I'm a 15 year old girl who lives in Georgia, I'm a country girl. I have a wonderful family, and great friends, and alot of boys I talk about. It seems i'm always in love with someone. Mainly Thomas lately, but it changes alot. I guess you could say I sometimes fall for a certain person to quickly or easily. I think i'm a nice sweet girl. ;) I don't have any enemys and I hate to make any. I love everyone, or try to at least.

Why did you choose this username?

I remember when I first started at Diaryland I wanted a neat different name. And I was listening to Blink 182, and inside their CD case there was a girl holding a sign that said Blink Me, so I just said hey! How about Blinkme, and I added 182. So it just happened and tada, the rest is history.

Why do you keep a diary online?

I think keeping a diary is fun! And I love getting replys and stuff from people reading my diary and thinking my life is interesting. It also serves as a place where I can let out everything and get peoples oppinions. It's nice.

How important do you think a layout is for a web-based diary? Would you also comment on yours?

I think layouts are very important. I honestly can't stand reading a diary that has a Diaryland Template. They're just annoying, I mean, why have a boring layout when you can go to all these layout places offering free nice designs? I change my layouts all the time. The one I have now "Shutup!" I just saw it and liked it alot. I used to design my own layouts but now I'm to lazy and just use the nice ones people give you. ;)

What is the best thing about having your diary online? What is the worst? Is there anything that would make you stop writing?

The best thing about having my diary online is that I don't have to worry about anyone (my brother!) finding it and reading it. It's more personal, even though it's on the internet. The worst would be if any of my friends happen to find it or something. I've said things in my diary that I would hate for some of my friends to read. And that also answers the question about what would make me stop using my online diary.

That is one of the sweetest notes I have ever read. Are words the things that can capture your heart? Did this letter make you fall for Thomas any harder?

Yes that note was the sweetest thing a boy has ever did for me. You could say that words do capture my heart. Thomas usually wrote the sweetest notes, and when I got that one, it was before we had "went out" and it made me fall even more in love with him than I already was (if possible). Thomas was an awesome person and he's a great guy. He definetly knows how to make you feel special.

You talk about Thomas A LOT. Here you talk about how you see him. How do you think he sees you? Is that an accurate perception?

Yes I'm very guilty of talking about Thomas alot. I knew most of your questions would probably be based on him, cause that's basically all I talk about. I've often wondered what he thought when he looked at me. I know I always thought 'Hes going to be the one I'm going to marry' and I've always wondered if maybe by any chance he thought the same. But I think he looks at me and sees a girl that he could see himself marrying. Everyone says we're just alike. Like I said before, he's an awesome person and any girl is lucky if she gets him.

Okay, now for the fun... Does Thomas read your diary? Would you ever let him read your diary? Why or why not?

NO! Thomas doesn't read my diary, thank goodness. No, I would not ever let him read it. I'd absolutely die if he ever found it and read it. I've said so many things in here, good and bad. If he ever did read it, I think he'd be happy, to see what I think about him. I wish he had a diary I could read. ;) And to answer WHY? Because I'd probably die of embarrasment!

Interviewed by Brandi

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