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Today's Interview: Rules

You'd like to be interviewed? Okay, read on.

  1. These interviews are for fun and for the promotion of good diarists - and not intended to be taken too seriously. We accept no liability for hurt feelings or bruised egos. Every on-line diarist is brave, yadda, yadda. Okay. That was our disclaimer. If you apply to be interviewed, it might be useful to read what we are all about too.

  2. There will be no guaranteed daily interviews. Waiting times may vary. We may consider re-interviewing some people in the future...that's if they have something more interesting to say...

    When you leave your details for consideration, we will get in touch with you via email. However, this initial contact can sometimes take several weeks. If you haven't heard from us, don't worry. It's probably due to one of the following reasons: 1)You didn't leave us your email address & URL as requested. Sorry, but people who pay attention to the rules get preference when we get in touch. We WILL get to you...eventually. 2)We are so busy that waiting times might have stretched for a bit. 3)We've all gone on holiday or something else in the real world is preventing us from tending this site. People behind interview are working adults with really busy lives. We do this as a hobby, but sometimes there are other things that have to come first. HINT: If you're ever wondering what is taking so long, it's okay to send us an email and ask. If you haven't heard from us for weeks, it just means we're snowed under - not that you have been ignored or rejected.

  3. Please do not apply if your diary is:

    - Less than a month old (or otherwise thin in content)

    - Full of grammatical errors

    - Not original in any sense

    - Littered with swearwords (what we mean by "littered" - almost every entry, in abundance)

    - Password protected

    - Impossible to read because you have made the text unreadable with a "cool" layout

  4. We do accept diaries with templates. But we don't accept diaries that we don't like. I know that sounds ambiguous, but that's the way it is. I'll try to explain what the "like" means: If your diary has enough interesting content for us to formulate good questions from, we will like it. We value a wide variety of styles and that should be apparent from our selection of diarists. However, you may get rejected because we just simply couldn't figure out what to ask, based on your content. A hint: writing. We like writers.

  5. IMPORTANT - We are currently so backlogged that we cannot accept new applications for the foreseeable future.

    Apologies! ADDED MARCH 2003: Look out for re-opening of applications soon! Our queue is under 50 for the first time since opening!

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